Air conditions to worsen in Delhi-NCR in next 3 days

New Delhi: Air pollution levels in Delhi continue to remain in the 'extremely poor' category, and now the situation is expected to worsen rather than improve. Let me tell you all that Delhi's air quality index stood at 322 on Monday and is placed in the 'very poor' category. According to the Central Pollution Control Board and Safar, pollution relief is yet to be provided and the situation may worsen in the next 3 days. It is said that the capital's pollution is expected to increase within the next three days due to cold, fog and low wind speed.

At the same time, there is some relief today and AQI has come down to 314 in Delhi, 317 in Noida and 325 in Gurugram. Let me tell you all that CPCB says, "There has not been a day in the whole of November when the Air Quality Index has come down below 200 points, that is, in the middle category." The air was in a bad, very bad or serious category all the time and now the same is the case with air quality in December. The pollution levels were relatively low last Sunday and last Monday due to light drizzle.

The air quality index was at 305 points last Sunday, a very poor low, but last Monday again the air quality index stood at 322 points on Monday or 17 points between 24 hours. It is estimated that the wind speed is likely to be generally up to 4 kmph between the next three days. This will slow down the dispersion of pollutant particles and also increase pollution levels due to cold and light fog in the morning.

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