Delhi businessman was blackmarketing oxygen, this is how it was exposed

Apr 24 2021 03:27 PM
Delhi businessman was blackmarketing oxygen, this is how it was exposed

New Delhi: Delhi Police has raided the house of a businessman and seized more than 80 small cylinders of oxygen. The offender runs an industrial oxygen business. These days he was black-marketing medical oxygen. He does not even have a license for this work. On the other hand, in Noida, the Collector has issued an order to file NSA against those who black-marketing oxygen.



The same case is from Sagarpur area of South West Delhi. Delhi Police on Friday seized 67 large and 16 small cylinders of oxygen from a house in Dashrathpuri. Anil Kumar, 51, the owner of the house, was caught on the occasion. He is an industrial oxygen businessman. However, he has no license for this work.

Criminal Anil Kumar was transferring oxygen from a large cylinder to a small cylinder. He was selling a cylinder to the needy for Rs. In the search, police found that Anil also had a godown in Mayapuri. The culprit Anil has been taken into custody by the police. The police had sought permission to produce the culprit before the court as well as distribute the cylinders recovered from the court to the needy. Which was cleared by the court. The police will now hand over the seized oxygen cylinders to the needy on Saturday.

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