Disney's brand value rises with Netflix

The alarm bell has sounded for Warner Bros., the movie production company that has failed to strategize its movie's reach to the audience better. This year's brand finance report says that the brand value of Hollywood giant Warner Bros. has fallen by 33 percent. The brand value of NBC and CBS Studios is declining even faster. However, the brand value of Disney, Netflix and YouTube among the companies that run video streaming services saw a good growth last year. Among the e-commerce companies, Chinese company Alibaba.com has suffered the most losses. On the other hand, Satya Nadella, microsoft's Indian-origin CEO and padma bhushan recipient in the padma awards announced on republic day, has found the highest brand value among the top 250 CEOs across the world.

Brand Finance's 2022 report of the world's most precious brand shows that Disney's brand value has grown by 11 percent and its brand value has now reached $57 billion. Netflix's brand value rose 18 percent in the meantime. Netflix's brand value is estimated at $29.4 billion. YouTube's latest brand value stands at $23.9 billion and has grown by 38 percent. Audio streaming service Spotify now has a brand value of $6.30 billion and has seen a growth of 13 percent. The brand value of NBC and CBS Studios among Hollywood's major studios has also decreased by 38 and 36 percent, respectively.

Brand Finance's world's most valuable brands of 2020 report says that the brand value of the media industry has increased by about 33 percent. Tik Tok has become the most promoted brand among video-based social networking websites during this time. It has grown by 215% and is the highest in the world. Its brand value was $18.7 billion last year, which has now increased to $59 billion. Snapchat's brand value grew 184 percent to $6.6 billion over the same period.

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