Video of this cute dog makes people emotional, Watch here

Jul 06 2020 11:49 AM
Video of this cute dog makes people emotional, Watch here

For the past several days, a video is going viral on social media, which will blow your mind. This video is really touching. In this video, it is clearly seen that a woman is seen walking on the road with her pet dog. In this way, a person with disabilities is walking with sticks. Probably not visible to that person. While a big piece of wood is lying on the way.

When the dog and the woman pass to the person with a disability, the woman then greets with a shake of hand. While Dog wakes up for a moment the path he has come from. In that way, there is a big piece of wood. If it is not removed, the person with a disability can cause injury. Even after this, the woman did not mind and she stopped and looked forward. Doggie does not go forward and turns backward. After that, with the help of his mouth, he puts the girl's piece on the side of the road, so that the disabled person does not have any problem in walking on the road. While the woman kept moving forward in her tune. Such videos are constantly shared on social media, in which Doggie is seen performing his duties.

This video has been shared by Forest Officer Sudha Raman on Twitter. This video has been seen more than 7 thousand times on social media so far. While more than 1 thousand people have liked this video and some people have also made comments, in which they have praised the defenders fiercely, in which they have praised this work of Dog. While the woman has also been advised to learn.

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