DRDO Launches 'Ugram': Indigenous Assault Rifle for Indian Army
DRDO Launches 'Ugram': Indigenous Assault Rifle for Indian Army

NEW DELHI: In a major development, the Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO) in collaboration with a private firm unveiled the 'Ugram' assault rifle. This sophisticated rifle, designed to meet the stringent requirements of the Indian Army, was officially launched at the Armament Research and Development Establishments (ARDE), DRDO's laboratory in Pune.

The 'Ugram' rifle, developed over a span of two to three years, stands as a testament to the dedication and innovative prowess of DRDO and ARDE. Notably, this weapon weighs less than four kilograms, fulfilling the General Staff Qualitative Requirement (GSQR) set by the Indian Army.

During the unveiling ceremony, Dr. S V Gade, Director General of the Armament & Combat Engineering Cluster, revealed the operational prototype of the 7.62 x 51mm assault rifle. Present alongside was A Raju, the Director of ARDE, who hailed this achievement as a "monumental moment" for both DRDO and ARDE. Raju emphasized the collaboration with Dvipa Armour India Ltd, acknowledging their instrumental role in expediting the development process, resulting in a product that meets global standards for weapons of similar caliber.

The development team took meticulous care to ensure the rifle's reliable performance with in-service ammunition. Emphasizing durability and ease of use, the rifle boasts a steel construction for critical components, ensuring ruggedness and intuitive operations in various conditions.

The release further highlighted that prototypes underwent demonstrations before various high-ranking officials from the Indian Army and the Minister of Home Affairs. However, before field user trials, the weapon will undergo rigorous evaluation by an independent expert committee.

This new addition to India's defense arsenal promises to undergo stringent testing and evaluation, affirming its readiness to serve the nation's defense forces. The 'Ugram' assault rifle marks a significant stride in indigenous defense manufacturing, showcasing India's capability to produce cutting-edge weaponry matching global standards.

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