Drank blood after sacrificing his own guru, know the whole matter
Drank blood after sacrificing his own guru, know the whole matter

Dhamtari: A shocking incident has come to light in the Dhamtari district of Chhattisgarh. Here a person learning Tantra Vidya sacrificed his own Guru to achieve Tantric Siddhis. After killing, he also drank the blood of the Guru. According to the information received, a 25-year-old man, who was learning Tantrik Vidya in the Dhamtari district, has been arrested on the charge of killing his own guru. The criminal believed that after killing the guru, he would get all the knowledge of black magic. The arrested criminal has been identified as Raunak Singh Chhabra alias Manya Chawla.

Giving information about this on Friday, an officer said that black magic is used for witchcraft, which is a punishable offense under the Chhattisgarh Torture Prevention Act, 2005 in the state. The word Tonahi is used in the context of black magic.

The officer said that Raunak Singh Chhabra alias Manya Chawla was arrested on Thursday. The victim's partially burnt body was recovered the same day under Magarlod police station. He said that Chawla was last seen with his mentor, the deceased Basant Sahu (50). Chawla told the police that he was learning black magic from Basant Sahu and wanted to try the craft. The officer said that Chawla believed that to get the power of black magic, one has to drink human blood. He said that when Shahu was practicing black magic, he attacked Shahu and drank his blood. He later burnt the dead body.

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