Chandrayaan 2 sent photo of earth, look how our planet looks from space
Chandrayaan 2 sent photo of earth, look how our planet looks from space

As you know, on July 22, ISRO successfully launched Chandrayaan. According to information, Lander-Vikram will reach the moon on September 6 and then the knowledge will start experimenting as it is. Isro has shared photos of the earth recently sent from Chandrayaan-2 on Twitter. In these pictures you can see what the Earth looks like from space. These photos have been shared on ISRO's official Twitter account, which has been sent from Chandrayaan.

Photos of Chandrayaan-2 have been shared from ISRO's Twitter account. The distance between the earth and the moon is approximately 3 million 84 thousand kilometers.

Only after the vehicle reaches the moon's orbit will the lander named Vikram be separated from the orbit. At the same time, the orbiter will travel 100 km from the surface of the moon. On September 6, Vikram will land at the moon's south pole.

Chandrayaan's launch date was extended after a technical snag. On July 22, ISRO successfully launched Chandrayaan, which showed great enthusiasm among the countrymen.

The ISRO Chief had informed that with the removing the technical snag, the performance capacity of the GSLV Mark 3, which launched Chandrayaan 2, has been increased by more than 15 per cent as compared to the previous one.

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