Earthquake Strikes Ladakh: Tremors Felt Across North India and Pakistan
Earthquake Strikes Ladakh: Tremors Felt Across North India and Pakistan

Leh: On Monday, an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.5 struck Ladakh's Kargil, leading to tremors felt in North India and parts of Pakistan. The seismic event occurred at 3:48 pm and registered at a depth of 10 km beneath the earth's surface, as reported by the National Center for Seismology. The impact extended to Islamabad in Pakistan and surrounding regions.

Earlier in the day, Pakistan experienced a separate earthquake with a magnitude of 4.0. These seismic activities have raised concerns about regional geophysical stability, prompting attention to earthquake preparedness and monitoring in affected areas. 

Why do Earthquakes occur?

Earthquakes occur due to the movement of the Earth's tectonic plates. The Earth's lithosphere, which is divided into several large and small pieces known as tectonic plates, constantly moves on the semi-fluid asthenosphere beneath. When these plates interact, they can collide, move apart, or slide against each other. The stress accumulated at plate boundaries is released suddenly in the form of seismic waves, leading to an earthquake. 

The magnitude and impact of earthquakes vary depending on factors such as the depth of the earthquake's focus, the geological characteristics of the region, and the type of fault involved. The recent seismic activity in Ladakh underscores the dynamic nature of the Earth's crust and the ongoing tectonic processes.

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