Young man drank chemical instead of water while playing Pubg
Young man drank chemical instead of water while playing Pubg

Recently, the case of crime has come up from Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh. In this case, a young man has died due to deceitful drinking while playing a pubg game. In this case, the deceased's friend told the police while talking about the matter, "While playing Pubg, his friend was so blind that he drank chemical instead of water, which led to his death." According to the report, the deceased has been identified as 20-year-old Saurabh Yadav and the deceased was originally from Gwalior and used to work as a parking lot attendant.

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In this case, it has been told that he was going from Gwalior to Agra with a friend Santosh Sharma and both were carrying the same bag during the train journey. In such a situation, Santosh works to polish the jewelery, for which he was going to Agra. At the same time, the chemical of polishing the jewelry was kept in a bottle and Santosh told the Agra Police Railway Police (GRP), "During the journey, the deceased was busy playing Pubg on his mobile phone.

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He was so engrossed while playing that when he was thirsty, he by mistake took out a chemical bottle that cleans the jewelry instead of a water bottle and drank without looking. Saurabh's condition began to deteriorate after the chemical burst and before the two reached Agra, he died on his way to Morena station of the train. 

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