'Why don't you call me Hindu?': Kerala Gov Arif Mohammad Khan
'Why don't you call me Hindu?': Kerala Gov Arif Mohammad Khan

Kochi: Former Union Minister in the Rajiv Gandhi government, Governor of Kerala Arif Mohammed Khan often remains in headlines due to his outspoken statements. Arif Mohammad on Saturday (January 28) quoted social reformer-educationist and Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) founder Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, saying that he too called himself a Hindu. In a program organized by the Kerala Hindu of North America, he said that 'you can call me a Hindu too'. Arif Mohammad was addressing the members of Arya Samaj. During this, he said that I have a serious complaint with you. Why don't you call me Hindu?

Quoting Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, the Governor of Kerala said, 'Anyone, who is born in India, eats food here and drinks water here, can be called a Hindu. You should also call me a Hindu.' Arif Mohammad said that Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was also invited by the Arya Samaj Mandir. When he completed his legislative term during the colonial period, he was also given a formal reception. Arif Mohammad further said that during the British period, the British tried to divide the people into Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh to deprive them of their rights. He said it is a kind of conspiracy that a wrong message is being given on being called a Hindu. Even before the independence of the country, there were such kings who believed that Sanatan Dharma welcomes everyone with an open heart and accepts everyone.

Even regarding the propaganda documentary of BBC, Arif Mohammad said that, why didn't they make any documentary regarding the British state? When the hands of the artist were chopped off, why was there no documentary on it? He said some people were predicting that India would break up and fight among themselves, and they are very disappointed. Arif Mohammad Khan said that today India is doing good work all over the world. What saddens me is that many people are trusting a documentary rather than a court verdict. This is the time when India has taken over the presidency of the G20 countries. That is why this documentary has been released on this special occasion. At the time of independence, those people had said that India would not be able to handle democracy, but today India is the largest democracy in the world. 

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