Five patients who beat Corona will work at Covid-19 care center

Apr 12 2020 12:56 PM
Five patients who beat Corona will work at Covid-19 care center

AHMEDABAD: Gujrat's Ahmedabad Municipal Body has launched a unique initiative to prepare five healthy individuals to work as volunteers at the Covid-19 care center, beating the coronavirus epidemic. This center has been established for coronavirus patients who do not show any symptoms of the disease and do not have any serious health problems before.

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While giving information on Saturday, Ahmedabad Municipal Commissioner Vijay Nehra has said that this initiative has been started because healthy patients are more likely to develop immunity against the disease and they are less likely to be infected again. 

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He said that amid increasing cases of coronavirus infection in Ahmedabad, the civic body has started a Covid-19 care center. It is a separate center for 18 to 60 year old non-symptomatic coronavirus patients with no other health problems. Its goal is to keep hospital beds safe for patients with critical conditions who require medical care.

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