Hyderabad: 4 corona infected prisoners fleed from hospital
Hyderabad: 4 corona infected prisoners fleed from hospital

Hyderabad: Corona has created rage at this time and many people are affected by it. Now in the meantime, news has come which is surprising. Corona victims have created a stir again in Gandhi Hospital. According to the information received, four corona-affected prisoners undergoing treatment for corona in the hospital have escaped. These four prisoners were serving sentence in Charlapally jail and now all four are absconding.

As soon as these four tested corona positive, they were admitted to Gandhi Hospital for treatment. All four are absconding. The news has come out, by throwing dust in the eyes of the escort staff present there they ran away. According to the information received, the hospital staff and administration found the matter late and the police have formed a special team to search for the absconding prisoners. As per the information received, the four prisoners escaped from the hospital at around 3 pm and saw the officers that on the second floor of the main building of Gandhi Hospital, the prisoners removed the bathroom grill and all four had left.

The four escaped prisoners have been identified as Somsundar, P. Narasimha, Mohammad Abdul Arbaaz, Mo Javid. Now the police have started looking for these four. The outbreak of corona in Telangana has been going on for a long time. Now talking about the new health bulletin, according to this, in the last 24 hours, 2795 new cases have been reported in Telangana. The total number of corona cases registered in Telangana has increased to 1,14,483.

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