France army kills 24 terrorists of IS, President Macron said - 'fight will continue'
France army kills 24 terrorists of IS, President Macron said - 'fight will continue'

Abidjan: French President Emmanuel Macron has said that the French army has killed many jihadists in Mali. Giving information in this regard, Emmanuel Macron said that the security forces took major action in Mali on Saturday, killing at least 2 dozen terrorists. Macron is currently traveling to West Africa and has pledged to give new strength to the fight against Islamic terrorists in the region.

Let me tell you that jihadi terrorists continue to attack in this region of Africa. According to reports, French forces killed these terrorists in Mopati town of Mali. A few weeks before this action, 13 French soldiers were killed when a helicopter crashed during a campaign against jihadists. While addressing the French community in Ivory Coast, Macron said 33 jihadis have been killed.

Macron said, 'I want to reiterate my determination to continue this war. We have suffered, so we have won. Let us tell you that there are about 4,500 French troops stationed in West and Central Africa at this time. Most of the area here was occupied by France during the colonial period. Since 2013, France has waged a war against Islamic militants in the region.

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