Imam expelled from France for controversial remarks about French flag
Imam expelled from France for controversial remarks about French flag

Paris : France has expelled Tunisian Muslim cleric Imam Mahjoub Mahjoubi from the country for making 'unacceptable' comments on the French flag. French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin announced this on Thursday, saying, "The radical imam Mahjoub Mahjoubi has been expelled from France, less than 12 hours after his arrest. We have no freedom to do or say anything." Will give.”

According to news agency Reuters, France took this action after a post made by Mahjoubi on social media, in which he described the national flag of France as 'satanic'. However, the Muslim cleric defended his statements, saying that his post was misinterpreted. He said, "I never intended to disrespect the national flag of France."

Mahjoubi was the imam at the Etouba Mosque in Bagnols-sur-Seize. He said he would challenge his removal in court. His lawyer described the French government's decision as unfortunate and announced to challenge the expulsion process in court.

French media revealed parts of Mahjoubi's expulsion order, which accuses him of promoting 'regressive, intolerant and violent' ideology. Reuters quoted radio network France Info as saying that the Muslim cleric was put on a flight on Thursday evening and sent to his country Tunisia.

A video of the sermon delivered by Imam Mahjoub Mahjoubi at the Aitauba Mosque is viral on social media, in which he is seen calling the national flag of France a 'satanic flag'. In the video he further says, "There is no place for such flags for the path of Allah. Now we will not have all these tricolor flags which bother us, which give us headaches." The national flag of France has three colors: blue, white and red.

This incident could further deepen the ongoing debate in France between secularism and freedom of expression. There have been several controversial incidents in France before, including the ban on Muslim women wearing hijab and the publication of cartoons of Prophet Mohammed by 'Charlie Hebdo' magazine. It remains to be seen what kind of reaction Mahjoubi's removal will provoke in French society. The incident also highlights growing polarization in the country and negative sentiments towards immigration.

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