Girlfriend murdered her lover, you'll be shocked to know the reason

Agra: In Uttar Pradesh, there has been an incident recently, the same issue has come to light that the murder of the youth on 29 September 2019 near the Caravan Sarai Memorial in Fatehpur Sikri has been revealed. The police has pitched five people, including the criminal woman, to the jail bars.

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According to the police, the woman has done this murder in illegal relations. According to the information received, the body of a youth was recovered on 30 September 2019 near the Caravan Sarai Memorial. His body was thrown after being killed. The body will be identified as Bunty alias Afzal son Asgar Ali resident Muktsar Bathinda Punjab.

It was revealed in the search that the relationship of the youth was Rajthrani wife Nathu Singh, who lived in the neighborhood for a long time. Rajrani wanted to live her life with Afzal. However, Afzal got married a few years ago. With this Rajarani decided to take revenge on her. According to liquor information, mixed with drunk pills, it has been revealed that the first woman had called Sikri on the pretext of banti alias Afzal on September 29, 2019, along with the workers of Agra and Sikri who were laboring.

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Where he was drunk by mixing intoxicating pills in liquor. He strangled and slaughtered when he was unconscious. The intention of erasing the identity of the man has completely ruined the face after being crushed with stones.

According to information received from the sources, in this case, the police in this case Rajrani wife Nathuram, Iqbal and Israr sons Vassaluddin resident Azampada Jafarin street police station Shahganj Agra, Salman son Rafiq resident Mustafa quarters Agra Cantt police station Sadar Agra and Kasim son Sirajuddin resident Up mountain mohalla pond Sikri Has been arrested and sent to jail. Wherever it will be decided in court soon.

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