Know importance of joint family on Global Family Day
Know importance of joint family on Global Family Day

Family is like a blessing in our life, and this cannot be denied. In the current environment, lonely life has spoken goodbye to the age-old traditions like joint family by social fabric. family happiness is important for today's man to be aware of his past.

Ironically, the concept of single life has distorted the system of joint family. Keeping newly married couples with their elders is starting to look like a murder of their freedom. Not only this, whenever we do cheating, we miss the elders of the house explaining it with sweet rebuke, but this is possible only when we are part of the joint family. A happy world resides in a joint family, whose happiness is destined only to the lucky ones. There are many such incidents in our life, from which we get a lesson and realize our mistakes.

The biggest achievement or gift of joint family system -
1- Helpful in problems
2- mutual adjustment
3- enjoy festivals
4- Minimum sustenance of life
5- Family discipline
6- Soul of unity

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