Govt Cracks Down on Cybercrime: 28,200 Mobile Handsets Blocked
Govt Cracks Down on Cybercrime: 28,200 Mobile Handsets Blocked

In a significant move to tackle cybercrimes, the government has instructed telecom companies to block 28,200 mobile handsets associated with illegal activities. Additionally, 2 million mobile numbers linked to these handsets must undergo re-verification. Failure to re-verify will result in disconnection.

This crackdown on cybercrimes is a result of collaborative efforts between various ministries. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), and State Police are working together to combat the misuse of telecom resources in cybercrimes and financial frauds. The aim is to dismantle fraud networks and protect citizens from digital threats.

According to analyses conducted by the MHA and the police, it was revealed that 28,200 mobile handsets were involved in cybercrimes. Further investigation by the DoT uncovered that a staggering 2 million mobile numbers were associated with these handsets.

Consequently, the DoT has directed telecom service providers to block the 28,200 identified mobile handsets nationwide. Simultaneously, immediate re-verification of the 2 million mobile connections linked to these handsets is underway, with failing re-verification leading to disconnection.

This unified effort underscores a collective commitment to public safety and the protection of telecommunication infrastructure, ensuring a secure digital environment for all.

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