Noida Businessman Swindled of ₹9 Crore in WhatsApp Trading Fraud
Noida Businessman Swindled of ₹9 Crore in WhatsApp Trading Fraud

Noida: A businessman in Noida fell victim to an online trading fraud, losing over ₹9 crore to cyber thugs through WhatsApp messenger, police reported today. The fraud unfolded over a month-long period, beginning when Rajat Bothra, a resident of sector 40, joined a WhatsApp group related to stock market trading on May 1. An FIR was filed at the Cyber Crime police station in sector 36 on Friday, and authorities have frozen ₹1.62 crore of the transacted funds in the businessman's account, with ongoing investigations.

According to Assistant Commissioner of Police Vivek Ranjan Rai, Bothra informed the police that he became part of the WhatsApp group on May 1, which purportedly provided insights into profitable share market trading. Encouraged by the group's information, Bothra began investing small amounts. By May 27, he had invested ₹9.09 crore in share trading, only to find his trading account abruptly closed thereafter.

Rai further explained, "Upon receiving the complaint, we initiated an investigation promptly. Currently, we have managed to freeze ₹1.62 crore in the victim's bank account."

The investigation revealed that the duped money was funneled into bank accounts across multiple locations, including Chennai, Assam, Bhubaneswar, Haryana, and Rajasthan. In response, a specialized team has been assembled to probe the case and apprehend the cyber criminals involved.

The police have also issued a cautionary advisory to the public, urging vigilance against emerging online crimes. They emphasized the importance of promptly reporting such incidents through the central helpline number 1930, emergency number 112, or by contacting the cyber desk at local police stations.

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