Guru Ram Das's Birth Anniversary: Devotees Immersed in Sacred Ritual at Golden Temple, Amritsar
Guru Ram Das's Birth Anniversary: Devotees Immersed in Sacred Ritual at Golden Temple, Amritsar

Amritsar: Devotees gathered at the iconic Golden Temple to observe the birth anniversary of the revered fourth Guru of the Sikh community, Guru Ram Das. Amid the serenity of this auspicious day, pilgrims from various corners of the country converged at the Golden Temple, partaking in a sacred tradition by taking a holy dip in the Amrit Saras Kund, also known as the Pool of Immortality.

The devotees began their pilgrimage to the Darbar Sahib in the early hours of the morning, expressing their devotion through prayers and offerings. The entire Golden Temple complex was bedecked with fragrant flowers sourced from regions both within India and abroad, setting the stage for the 'Parkash Purab,' the birth anniversary celebration of Guru Ram Das, the fourth Sikh Guru.

In a remarkable display of reverence, hundreds of quintals of assorted flowers adorned the path leading to the sanctum sanctorum, the Darshani Deori, and the walls of the Akal Takht. This grandeur paid homage to Guru Ram Das's legacy, who initially constructed a pool here, laying the foundation for Amritsar, the city that now houses the Golden Temple, also known as Harmandir Sahib.

The Amritsar Sarovar, famously referred to as the 'Pool of Nectar,' stands as a sacred and historically significant water tank in Amritsar. It is a cherished landmark of Sikhism, resonating with profound religious and historical importance for Sikhs worldwide.

Guru Ram Das, the fourth in the lineage of ten Sikh Gurus, was born into a family rooted in Lahore. His enduring contributions encompassed the creation and development of the city of Amritsar in accordance with Sikh traditions. The spiritual leader's literary prowess is evident through the composition of 638 hymns, which account for approximately ten percent of the hymns present in the Guru Granth Sahib. His poetic talents shone through as he composed his works in the backdrop of 30 ancient ragas from Indian classical music.

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