Haley Bieber Responses to rumours of Justin Bieber mistreating her, Says 'It's Fake'

Hailey Bieber is refusing to be bothered by rumours about her marriage to Justin Bieber, mostly because she is aware of the truth. The 24-year-old model discussed confronting rumors about her three-year marriage to the 27-year-old pop artist on the most recent edition of "4D With Demi Lovato."

“You must understand the truth behind everything,  she stated, "There are so many storylines floating around about me, about him, about us together." “There's this great enormous story going around that Justin isn't good to her and mistreats her.' It couldn't be further from the truth. It's completely the complete opposite.” “I truly am blessed to say I'm with someone who is incredibly respectful of me, who makes me feel special every single day,” Hailey said of her spouse. So when I see the polar opposite, I'm like, "Huh?" And everyone who knows us personally would agree.”

The model, who walked the Met Gala red carpet with Justin for the first time as a couple, also expressed her happiness with her marriage. “Let's say the lie is, 'They're unhappy in their relationship.' “To be honest, we've never been more fascinated with each other, and we have so much fun together,” she revealed.

Meanwhile, Hailey characterized her musician husband as "the more emotional one who is extremely sensitive," adding that she is "quite practical" and the relationship's "problem solver." She explained, "To be honest, he's my best buddy, so sometimes you don't even have to say anything." “Sometimes all you have to do is be there.”

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