Farmer's 12-year-old son created 3 apps, names recorded in Guinness Book
Farmer's 12-year-old son created 3 apps, names recorded in Guinness Book

Chandigarh: Kartikeya Jakhar, a resident of the Jhajjar district of Haryana, has done something that even the elders sweat out to know. In fact, Kartikeya Jakhar, who is studying in Class 8, has created 3 mobile apps without taking help from anyone. All these three apps are related to studies. After making the app, Kartikeya Jakhar's name was documented in the Guinness Book of World Records. Along with this, his way to Harvard University has also been opened.


Kartikeya, 12, said his father Ajit Singh is a farmer. For Kartikeya, his father bought a Rs 10,000 smartphone in the lockdown. Kartikeya said that many times my smartphone used to hang while coding. Kartikeya used to do his studies through YouTube. During this time Kartikeya created a total of 3 apps. The first app is related to General Knowledge, which he named Lucent GK Online. The second app is Ram Kartik Learning Centre which teaches coding and graphic designing. At the same time, the third app is Shri Ram Kartik Digital Education.

These apps created by Kartikeya are giving free training to more than 45,000 students. Kartikeya said that he has been inspired by the country's PM Narendra Modi's Digital India campaign. 12-year-old Kartikeya has been awarded several prestigious awards at such a young age. After passing the entrance exam of Harvard University, Kartik also got a scholarship to study there. Kartikeya is doing his BSc in Computer Science from Harvard University.

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