'I raped and killed your granddaughter', Grandfather's friend

New Delhi: A shocking case has come to light in Faridabad adjoining the national capital Delhi. Where the murderer who dumped the body in the bushes of Agra Canal after killing a 21-year-old BA first-year student called the girl's family and informed them. The young woman's aunt has reported that her niece left for her grandmother's house on December 31 but did not reach there. Her murder was later reported. However, police have recovered the body.

The girl's aunt said that on December 31, her niece had left Sector-18 in Faridabad to go to her grandmother's house in village Bhupani. She didn't reach Granny's house but got a call. The phone belonged to the murderer. He said the girl was raped and killed. The deceased's aunt said that when the girl did not reach home for a long time, Granny informed aunt over the phone. As well as found out around, but there was no clue. That's when granny received a call, which was made by Singhraj, the friend of the young woman's maternal grandfather. He told her over the phone that he had raped and killed the girl. He then switched off.

At present, police have recovered the body of the girl. A postmortem of the body will be conducted. Police said the case is under investigation. Some clues have been found on the basis of which the accused will be arrested soon.

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