Hindu identity being given to Muslims in 5k, gang busted
Hindu identity being given to Muslims in 5k, gang busted

Mumbai: The Mumbai Police has busted a gang involved in making fake Aadhaar cards without documents. The gang even used to make Aadhaar cards of a Muslim person with a Hindu name. The gang used to take Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,000 from a person to make fake Aadhaar cards. Mumbai Police has nabbed this gang from the Kandilavali area. The criminals of this gang used to make Aadhaar cards of individuals in and around Mumbai. At the same time, the police arrested a criminal from the Poisar area. Machinery with stamps, letterheads and Aadhaar cards of several political parties and educational institutions has been recovered from them.

Mahendra Mamunde, a resident of Poisar, has been arrested by the police in this incident. Earlier, a similar incident had come from Nallasopara in Mumbai, where the Aadhaar card of a Nigerian man was made. In fact, the police had received news from the informer about the gang making fake Aadhaar cards. After that, the police sent a Muslim man as a customer. Mamunde took Junaid to the Aadhaar card centre in the Bank of Baroda and submitted his fake Aadhaar application by giving fake documents in the name of Ram Gupta.

Mahendra used to make fake documents to make Aadhaar cards. He used to make an Aadhaar card with a fake photo, fake name and fake address. He used to verify the Aadhaar application form by stamping educational institutions or other institutions and used to take it to the Aadhaar centre and submit the application there and take the Aadhaar card. Mumbai Police has arrested Mahendra Mamunde. According to the police, Mahendra Mamunde said that he has made fake Aadhaar cards for hundreds of people so far. Police are currently investigating the case and trying to find out how many more people are involved in his gang. At the same time, the Mumbai Police has also started searching the people who made fake Aadhaar cards from Mahendra Mamunde. Police are also trying to find out if that Basis was used for criminal activities.

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