Secret of honour killing reveals, mother said - if I was at home, my daughter would be alive live today

Nov 19 2019 12:09 PM
Secret of honour killing reveals, mother said - if I was at home, my daughter would be alive live today

Firozabad: Recently a crime incident has been revealed, where a murderer father is sent to jail for killing his daughter in the village Salempur Khutiana of Firozabad. On Sunday, the mother reached the village with her three sons late in the evening. On the same Monday, seeing the silence at home, the mother of the deceased said that her everything was destroyed. Harivansh Kumar, who was upset with the love affair of his daughter, give current to his daughter Pooja and then cut her head. At the time, Pooja's mother Sarita Devi was in Gurgaon with her three sons.

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After getting the information, the three brothers and mother of Pooja reached the village late Sunday evening. Late-night accused father Harivansh Kumar was sent to jail. Pooja's mother Sarita Devi said that everything has been destroyed. She went to her sons due to illness. If she was at home it probably would not have happened. Sarita Devi said that the daughter was only defaming us but would have prevented her husband from taking such a big step. If the daughter goes to God, the husband is in jail. Sarita refused to talk after saying so much.

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Pooja's lover was questioned by the police: According to the sources, CO O.P Singh said that the father of the daughter has been sent to jail on Sunday. Pooja's lover is seated in the police station for questioning. He is under interrogation.

Brother said, do not want to talk about it: Pooja's brother Yogesh present in the house with mother said that whatever he had to tell, he had told on Sunday. Now we do not want to talk about it. He said that last Sunday is the dark chapter for our family. It will not be easy for us to forget it.

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