Poison or illness, how did the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan die?

It is well known that Mughal emperor Shah Jahan died at Musamman Burj in Agra Fort, but very few people will know what caused his death. In fact, Shah Jahan had a urinary disease and became extremely ill. He died after battling his illness for eight years.

According to historian RK Sharma, Shah Jahan suffered from the disease at the Red Fort in Delhi. If he had not had the disease, Aurangzeb might not have been so powerful. When Shah Jahan was extremely upset about the urinary disease, he was asked by doctors to make climate change. His son Dara Shikoh reached the Red Fort to pick him up. He took Shah Jahan and headed towards Agra. It was then that a rumour spread that Shah Jahan had died. By the time Shah Jahan reached Agra Fort, the rumour of death had created a stir in the entire empire. His son Aurangzeb was then posted as subedar of South India. He also got this information. Seeing Aurangzeb's rebellious temper, Shah Jahan declared his eldest son, Darashikoh, as his successor.

Then, Shah Jahan sons started fighting for the throne. On May 10, 1658, he defeated elder brother Dara Shikoh at Samugarh near Agra. Aurangzeb eventually won and Dara Shikoh was hanged. Aurangzeb then came to Agra and surrounded the Red Fort and stopped supplying logistics to the fort. Later, Shah Jahan was forced to hand over the fort to Aurangzeb and he became his captive. Shah Jahan's eldest daughter Jahanara stayed with him till the last time. In captivity, Shah Jahan used to get all the facilities. After being imprisoned for eight years, Shah Jahan again fell ill and died in January 1666. It is said that Aurangzeb sent poison twice to kill Shah Jahan. But the Hakims from whom he had sent the poison were loyal to Shah Jahan and instead of giving poison to Shah Jahan, he himself died after consuming the poison.

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