Husband beats and gave electric shocks to wife over dowry

May 31 2019 10:36 AM
Husband beats and gave electric shocks to wife over dowry

Ahmedabad: In an appalling incident, a woman in Gujarat's Ahmedabad filed a complaint at Anandnagar police station alleging her husband beat her up and gave her electric shocks at their home.

According to the report, the couple got married in 2006. This was the aggrieved's second marriage while the accused got married for the third time. The man is father to a 14-year-old and puts up in Mumbai.

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In the complaint, The complainant alleged that the accused married her because he needed someone to take care of his son. The son was around two-years-old when the two got married. A native of Ahmedabad, the complainant shifted to Mumbai after marriage.

As per report,  initial years of their marriage were relatively happy. After around four years, the man mentally and physically abused his wife. The reason behind the alleged violence was dowry-related. The man allegedly refused to provide basic necessities to the victim and threatened to murder her. He asked his wife to get dowry from her father. The woman further alleged that her sister-in-law was also involved in torturing her.

According to the report of Ahmedabad Mirror, the victim's sister-in-law used to provoke the accused against her.

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The complainant went into depression after being subjected to domestic violence. After she recovered, the complainant turned to the police for help. Police is collecting evidence and were investigating the matter.

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