For Girlfriend, the husband murdered the wife and child and then...

Aug 13 2019 06:29 PM
For Girlfriend, the husband murdered the wife and child and then...

A recent crime case has surfaced that your senses can fly by hearing. In this case, police have arrested and detained three persons, including the accused husband, revealing the murder of their mother and son. According to reports in the case, the murder case was carried out in Kaushambi on the pretext of turning Prayagraj eight months ago and the accused husband had burnt the entire body of the two with acid to wipe out the identity.

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That's where he had plotted the whole plot to marry his girlfriend. According to reports, the Kanpur police have lifted the curtain on the incident of burning of acid after the murder of a woman and child in Kaushambi on December 24, 2018.

A man sold his own niece for money, police investigating

Police have arrested and detained two mercenaries along with the husband of the deceased woman in connection with the murder. Talking about the case, SP South said, "Makdoom Prasad Vishwakarma, who lives in Rajiv Nagar in Macharia, married daughter Suman to Amit alias Lalu. Both lived on rent in Ram Singh's house in Hanspuram. The two had a six-year-old son, Surely. Amit had taken his wife and son a few months ago by asking him to turn around. Returning, she said, the two were lost in the crowd. He has registered a missing person at the Kokraj police station.

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Makdoom searched for his daughter and grandchildren, but he didn't know anything," Amit became quite happy after his wife and son lost and started preparing to marry a young woman. The family members of the deceased were suspected and filed a kidnapping case against Amit. The investigation then revealed that the accused was arrested and is now preparing to be sent to jail.

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