ICMR said this to administration regarding corona examination
ICMR said this to administration regarding corona examination

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has advised the administrative authorities to help all government and private hospitals in conducting antibody based Covid-19 test. The country's largest medical institute has asked to arrange for the health workers and other employees of these hospitals to undergo tests.

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In its statement, ICMR says that Rapid Antibody Test should be used only for surveillance purposes to test Covid-19. It should not be for diagnosis or research related to it. According to the institute, the discovery of immunoglobolin G (IgG) antibodies for the identification of SARS-Cove-2 is appropriate only for sero-surveys. So that the ratio of infection based on population can be known and understood. IgG antibodies usually begin to form in the patient two weeks after the infection is cured. This process also occurs in patients in whom the symptoms of corona infection are not visible. That is why IGL test is not useful in identifying acute infection.

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The ICMR recommends applying a rapid antigen detection test to identify Covid-19. Whereas, RT-PCR test with golden standard should be done in the Containment Zone. All these testing data should be uploaded on the ICMR portal with immediate effect. The number of people infected with corona in India has crossed 4.40 lakh. Despite the large population, Coronavirus infection cases per lakh people in India are the lowest in the world. According to the Health Ministry, the number of patients recovering has increased to 2.48 lakh and the rate of recovery has reached 55.77%. There are currently 1,78,014 active cases of infection.

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