'Corona virus will stay with us for many generations ...', IIPH Professor GVS Murthy claims
'Corona virus will stay with us for many generations ...', IIPH Professor GVS Murthy claims

New Delhi: ProfessorG VS Murthy of the Indian Institute of Public Health-Hyderabad (IIPH) said that like flu, corona virus will stay with us for generations. Professor Murthy said data available from various states shows that covid-19 cases may decline in south and west India by the end of June.

He said, "North and eastern India may see a decline in infection cases by mid-July". According to him, allowing political, social and religious gatherings very quickly during the epidemic was the main reason for the rapid spread of infection in the second wave of corona virus. Professor Murthy said the corona virus is going to stay here for a long time. He said that whenever an infection comes to the community, it spreads slowly, then the infection increases locally. ''The flu has been with us for generations and the same will happen to the corona virus,'' he said.

Professor Murthy says that the epidemic will spread whenever people sensitive to the infection gather in large numbers. "We know that after covid-19 infection, the immunity lasts only for a short period of three to six months, after which the same person is likely to be re-infected," he said. We saw that some CM and national leaders are also suffering from infection for the second time, so no one has permanent immunity".

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