India-China tension deepens, major military confrontation may occur in Ladakh
India-China tension deepens, major military confrontation may occur in Ladakh

New Delhi: Tension between Indian and Chinese troops is increasing in many areas near the Ladakh border (LAC). It is being said that it may take the form of the biggest military confrontation after the Doklam clash of 2017. According to sources, the Indian Army is taking more vigil in Pangong Tso and Galvan Valley. In this disputed area, the Chinese army has deployed two to two and a half thousand soldiers and is gradually strengthening the temporary construction. A high military official said, "The Indian Army is in a much better position than China in the region."

The deployment of Chinese troops around several important targets besides the Indian outpost KM-120 near Darbuk Shayok Daulat Beg Oldi Road in the Galvan Valley is a matter of greatest concern to the Indian Army. Lt. Gen. DS Hooda, a former commander of the Army's Northern Command, has said, 'This is a serious matter. This is not a normal capture. Lieutenant General Hooda stressed that there is no dispute between the two sides on the Galvan region, so the encroachment by China here is a matter of concern.

Ashok Kant, an expert in strategic affairs and India's ambassador to China, has also agreed on Lt. General Hooda's talk. He has said that, 'Chinese soldiers have infiltrated many times. it's a matter of concern. This is not a normal confrontation. It is a disturbing matter. According to sources, diplomatic efforts need to be made to reduce the deepening tension between the armies of the two countries in Pangong Tso, Demchok and Daulat Beg Oldi region.

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