Big announcement of Indian Railways, '2600 trains to run in next 10 days'

May 23 2020 05:55 PM
Big announcement of Indian Railways, '2600 trains to run in next 10 days'

New Delhi: The Railway Ministry on Saturday shared important information in a press conference on the operation of trains. While giving the information, Chairman of the Railway Board, Vinod Kumar Yadav has told that a system of thermal screening has been arranged at the entire station. There are plans to run 2600 trains in the coming 10 days, and so far so many laborers special trains have been run.

He further informed that so far more than 26 lakh passengers have traveled from one state to another state or city after traveling on railway. Our plan is to get 36 lakh people traveling in the coming 10 days. The Railway Ministry will operate 200 mail express trains from June 1 to gradually return to normalcy from the epidemic. According to the Chairman of the Railway Board, social distancing is being followed at every station. The maximum number of trains were run on 20 May. On this day 79 trains ran and 4 lakh passengers traveled.

He said that the train is operating in different parts of the country between the Corona crisis and the lockdown. Yadav further said that 17 hospitals of the railways have been declared as Kovid Hospitals and there is a provision of 5000 beds in them. At the same time some blocks in 33 hospitals have been changed separately for the treatment of corona disease.

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