International Literacy Day was established on this day.
International Literacy Day was established on this day.

International Literacy Day is celebrated every year on September 8. On November 7, 1965, UNESCO decided that International Literacy Day would be celebrated every year on September 8. After which the first World Literacy Day was celebrated on September 8, 1966. Since then it is celebrated every year all over the world. It was started all over the world to highlight the great importance of literacy for the individual, society and community. This day is specially celebrated to re-focus the rate of adult education and literacy for the international community.

According to the Global Monitoring Report on Education, it is worth noting that one in every five men and two-thirds of women are illiterate. Some of them have low literacy skills, some children still have access out of school and some children remain irregular in school. South and West Asia have the lowest adult literacy rate of about 58.6%. Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger are the countries with the lowest literacy rates.

International Literacy Day is celebrated to know human development and their rights to society and to promote human consciousness towards literacy. Literacy is as important as success and living. It is very important to eradicate poverty, reduce child mortality, control population growth, achieve gender equality, etc. Literacy has the potential that can enhance the prestige of the family and the country. This festival is celebrated to promote people toward continuous education and to understand their responsibility for family, society and country.

This day has special significance to promote written words of extraordinary value to promote the literacy rate of society and public consciousness about the need. Therefore, International Literacy Day is celebrated every year to bring awareness among the people.  

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