Iran's foreign minister claims,' US ban will harm Indian farmers'
Iran's foreign minister claims,' US ban will harm Indian farmers'

New York: The ongoing tension between the US and Iran has not completely cooled yet. Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javed Zarif says that Iran is not thinking of talks with America right now, the dialogues have been completely closed. The Iranian minister says that in the current situation India can play an important role.

Mohammad Javed Zarif has said that we are not afraid of America, till April 2018, the two nations were talking among themselves. He said that India can play an important role in the relationship between the two countries and bring America back to the negotiating table. He said that if India makes such a proposal then America will not refuse. He said that the US does not have the right to ban other countries, because it used the atomic bomb in Hiroshima itself.

Iran's foreign minister said that because of the restrictions placed on us by the US, India will have to pay more money to take the fertilizer from Iran. Due to the American ban, the farmers of India are facing problems. Iran likes Basmati rice of India, both countries can help each other in agriculture.

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