Chandrayaan-2: Another step of India to create history, today to enter the second orbit of the moon!
Chandrayaan-2: Another step of India to create history, today to enter the second orbit of the moon!

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is set to enter the second orbit of the moon today. Scientists from ISRO will reach Chandrayaan-2 at LBN-2 in the moon's orbit between 12.30 and 01.30 this afternoon. Chandrayaan-2 will travel around the moon for the next seven days in the second oval orbit with a 121 km apogee (a short distance from the moon) and a Periji of 4303 km (much longer than the moon). Chandrayaan-2 will then be entered into the third orbit of the moon on August 28.

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Earlier on August 20, Chandrayaan-2 was successfully launched into the first orbit of the moon by ISRO scientists on Tuesday. Chandrayaan-2 is currently in the orbit with an apogee of 118 km and an oval orbit of 18078 km, which will change that afternoon.

The speed of Chandrayan was reduced from 10.98 km per second to about 1.98 km per second on Tuesday by ISRO scientists. Chandrayaan-2 was also reduced by 90 percent so that it would not hit the moon under the influence of gravitational power of the moon. The entry of Chandrayaan-2 into the moon's orbit on August 20 was extremely challenging for ISRO scientists. However, our scientists ended it with immense efficiency and accuracy.

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Everyone is aware that Chandrayaan-2 will land on the moon's south pole on September 7. Chandrayaan-2 was launched from Sriharikota launch station on July 22 via rocket Baahubali and earlier on August 14, Chandrayaan-2 was launched into the Trans Lunar Orbit. On September 7, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to watch Chandrayaan-2's moon landing live on the South Pole. Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also congratulated ISRO scientists in a tweet.

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