'When I opened the door, I saw that the whole family was found dead'
'When I opened the door, I saw that the whole family was found dead'

Jamshedpur: A shocking incident has come to light from Jamshedpur in Jharkhand. Here, at the police line, the woman constable along with her mother and daughter were strangulated to death with a sharp weapon. The criminal locked the bodies of the three in the house and fled, the bodies kept rotting for two days, but no one even heard of it.  

After the foul smell came from the same house, it was opened, after which the triple murder was discovered. The police seized the three bodies and sealed the house. Officials say that the case is being investigated. The deceased have been identified as Savita Hembrem, her mother Lakhia and her daughter Geeta. The woman constable lived in the police line with her mother and daughter. She had been missing two days before the murder. There was also a lock outside the house. However, when the smell started coming from the house, the neighbours informed Major Dharmendra Kumar, after which SSP Prabhat Kumar was also informed. When the police went to the spot and broke the door, the bodies of the three were recovered. SSP Prabhat Kumar said that the woman constable was missing for the last two days and the door was locked from the outside. The bodies of the three have been recovered from the inside, which is being taken into custody and are being investigated.  

According to reports, the woman constable was having an argument with her in-laws. After the death of her husband, Savita's mother-in-law wanted Savita's brother-in-law to get a job on compassionate grounds. However, Savita got the job. Her in-laws were upset with her over this. It was reported that at the time Savita's husband died, she was 5 months pregnant.  

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