Lady Gaga reveals she is a secret gamer, read the tweets

Nov 26 2018 11:45 AM
Lady Gaga reveals she is a secret gamer, read the tweets

World famous Singer Lady Gaga has revealed that she is a secret gamer.Singer even  spent the Thanksgiving holiday playing action-adventure hack and slash video game Bayonetta.

Lady Gaga revealed about her secret in a series of tweets. She wrote"Ok, so I had to step away from the game for a minute to collect myself and now I'm in the middle of Chapter X and the battleships just Why? Bayonetta, gamer," 

In another Tweet she wrote, "Still playing Bayonetta middle of chapter XIII and my hands hurt and I have to sleep and it's 4 in the damn morning but this damn dragon with the face that I have to kill with my weave,"

"Give it another go in the morning. Gamer, respect to the experts, I need emotional support."

By Fiday night, she was still at it, having progressed three levels further, reluctantly tearing herself away to sleep before getting straight back into it the following morning.

The Bad Romance singer has been hooked on the video game since the start of the month, admitting via Twitter on November 4 that she was addicted. 

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