Lakhimpur case was done with the intention of taking life, SIT report reveals
Lakhimpur case was done with the intention of taking life, SIT report reveals

Lucknow: The woes of 13 accused, including Ashish Mishra, son of Union Minister of State Ajay Mishra Teni, have added to the woes of the Lakhimpur violence case. SIT has removed sections of the accident from the case. Instead, the section of attempt to murder, fracture of limbs, committing crime in an opinion and misuse of weapons has been increased. The investigator gave the application in the court to increase these sections in the remand file and court case. All the accused have been summoned to the court today. Significantly, SIT has admitted that the crime is not the result of negligence, but a deliberate, conspiracy and act of murder.

It may be mentioned that 8 people including four farmers were killed in an incident in Tikunia, Lakhimpur on 3rd October. Thirteen accused including Ashish, son of country's Minister of State for Home Ajay Mishra Teni, are in jail in the case. Ashish's bail is being heard in the high court. the SIT had sought time to file its reply in the high court. Meanwhile, the sections have been amended during the investigation. Assistant Prosecution Officer Pradeep Kumar said that an application has been filed by Tikunia case investigator Vidyaram Diwakar to increase the sections on the remand of the accused. Investigator Diwakar has sought remand to remove some sections already registered during the deliberations and increase the new sections in the case.

All the 13 accused, including the main accused Minister's son Ashish Mishra, have been charged with murder, section 307 fatal assault with Balwa, 326 causing serious injury and Section 34 general intent on behalf of the investigator. At the same time, section 3/11 of the Arms Act 25, 30 has also been given a petition to increase. In addition, sections 279, 338 and 304 (A) relating to the accident have been removed. The investigator has admitted that the incident was committed not by negligence but under conspiracy. Assistant Prosecution Officer Pradeep Kumar said the court has summoned all the accused from jail on Tuesday.

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