'Live-in should be banned,' says Union minister on Shraddha murder
'Live-in should be banned,' says Union minister on Shraddha murder

Patna: The Shraddha murder case of Delhi has shaken the whole country. The same Aftab with whom she was living in a live-in relationship brutally killed her. The criminal did not stop here, he cut 35 pieces with an electric saw to dispose of the body. The accused is currently in police custody and the matter is being investigated. Meanwhile, Union Minister Kaushal Kishore has given advice to girls, expressing live-in relationships wrong.

In fact, Union Minister Kaushal Kishore, who reached Gaya in Bihar, said on the Shraddha murder case that it is wrong, no one should go into a live-in relationship. Girls who are going into a live-in relationship should get the paper made from the court. If you want to live with a boy, first get married. A live-in relationship is a friendship that lasts for a few days and then breaks down. When the girls create pressure then these kinds of incidents happen.

He said that there must have been some reason behind this murder. Requesting the girls, he said that such girls should take lessons from non-educated girls. Most educated girls are going into live-in relationships. One should learn from these incidents and non-educated girls. You should live with someone only on the wishes of your parents. There should be a live-in ban on it. The government will take some decisions on this.

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