Maharashtra: The dead bodies of lover couples found hanging from the tree
Maharashtra: The dead bodies of lover couples found hanging from the tree

In Bhiwandi, Maharashtra, the police has recovered the body of the lovers hanging from the tree. Both were in love with each other. They had a plan to marry soon. According to the police, the young man used to do wages, whereas the girlfriend has been identified as the young woman named Ankita.

To find out incident is murder or suicide, the police have sent the dead body to the post-mortem. The people of Lakh Budruk village of Bhiwandi saw two people hanging from a tree on the banks of the Tansa pipeline on Friday morning. People gave this information to the police.

After the police took down the bodies of both the people from the tree, they inquired about the deceased Sagar Waghe (24) and the girl, Ankita (20) resides in Shardgaon. According to the police, both Sagar and Ankita had a plan to marry soon.

While Sagar Waghe has a 6-month-old boy, Ankita got married in Thune village of Shahpur. But she lived with her father in Shardgaon for the past four years. Both worked in one place. During this, there was a love relationship between the two.

Sagar lived with Ankita for the last several days and stayed here with his uncle at Pilanje. Sagar's family had also given permission to marry Ankita. On August 2, Sagar and Ankita came out of the house to go to Kushivali. But the two did not reach the house.

On the third of August i.e., the police recovered their body hanging from the tree. The police are also investigating the case of suicide by examining this viewpoint that both of them were not hanged from the tree by killing them. It will be revealed after the arrival of the postmortem report.

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