Two soldiers gang-raped a woman in the name of getting a visa

Sep 07 2019 09:00 PM
Two soldiers gang-raped a woman in the name of getting a visa

Recently, a case of crime has surfaced from Agra. In this case, a woman of foreign origin has made serious allegations against two men of UP Police. In this case, the woman alleges that the two soldiers continued to rape her by blackmailing her and on the allegations of the foreign woman, the Mathura Police has started an investigation by registering a case against both the soldiers. According to reports received in this case, one of the accused soldiers is in Agra Fort GRP and the other is in Intelligence Bureau. According to reports surfaced in this case, a woman from Kyrgyzstan, Russia, was married to a man from Hathras and in this case, the woman said that "she also has Indian citizenship".

With this, the woman further said that "About five months ago, at the State Bank intersection of Mathura, she met the constable Dharmendra Giri posted in Agra and at that time she was going to Lucknow to get a visa. At the same time, the soldiers said that he was also going to Lucknow."

Now, in this case, the victim's allegation is that "the soldier took him to a hotel and raped and made a video." After this, the soldier raped several times after threatening to make the video viral. One day she met Akash Panwar and Akash described himself as being posted at the Intelligence Bureau Agra Fort. After that, both of them blackmailed her and raped her. ”In the end, the woman got fed up and complained to the police, now an investigation is going on in this case.

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