In one-sided love, the young man killed the girl and her mother and then...

Aug 19 2019 06:54 PM
In one-sided love, the young man killed the girl and her mother and then...

The increasing number of crime cases these days has become a surprise to all. The case that has recently surfaced is of a cynical lover who unilaterally committed two murders in the past night in a bloody game. As the news unfolded, there was a sensation all over the city. According to reports, the accused committed suicide by jumping into the pond after the ruthless murder of the girl and her mother. Police have filed a report in the case and initiated an investigation into the three deaths. In this case, Bunty alias Shubham Rajas, who lives in the Power House area under Kotwali police station in Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh, had been keeping an eye on the Khusi, daughter of Rajesh Soni's minor daughter, who lived in his neighborhood for the past several months and loved her unilaterally.

Three months ago, Khusi's family got to know about it and then they stopped Shubham from coming to their house and then complained to the police. On the other hand, the complaint was withdrawn by the Khusi father at the behest of Shubham's family and acquaintances, and then Shubham was in a state of disharmony for Khusi and family.

That is why, last night, when Khusi's father Rajesh Soni and her brother had gone to the neighborhood to recite Ramayana, Shubham came to the house of Khusi and, in a dispute, attacked her and her mother ruthlessly with a sharp weapon. After that, he himself jumped into the pool of the small pond nearby and committed suicide.

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