More than 40 people lost their lives in fire caught a chemical factory

Mumbai: The escalating incidents have been causing great trouble for everyone today. Not only that, the victims of these incidents and calamities have lost their lives every day. It is also being said that if the incidents continue to grow in the same way, the day is not far away when the entire human life will come to the brink of wastage. But today we have come to you with news that you will not only surprise you but also make you cry. 

The case is not said, but of Ratnagiri in Maharashtra, a factory in the Khed area was blasted on Saturday. The accident killed 4 people. Now, 40 to 50 people are reported to be stranded inside the factory. Some people are injured in the incident, whose condition is becoming grim.

According to the information received, the explosion occurred in a chemical factory boiler in industrial areas. The injured have been admitted to hospital in the accident. It is said that there were two explosions on Saturday morning.



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