'Ever since I got married, I've been shedding tears...', Man started crying after expressing his pain
'Ever since I got married, I've been shedding tears...', Man started crying after expressing his pain

Gwalior: A man in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, was so tortured by his wife that he had to go to the police for help. The man also started singing a song in front of the police. SSP Amit Sanghi said that efforts will be made to extend all possible help to the victim who is mentally disturbed.

Victim Dharmendra Paul said he is very happy with his entire family and children. He is being treated wrongly, his wife and his father-in-law harass him a lot. The wife does not give me proper food and abuses me by speaking abusively. Then the victim sang a song in front of the police that since the marriage has taken place, I am shedding tears, I am playing it.

Also, Dharmendra said that his father died in 1998. In his place, a compassionate appointment was received in the Public Health Engineering Department. Married to Anita in 2016. After a few days, the wife and her parents started harassing him. The biggest problem is that his widowed mother has no pension. I am giving her Rs 4,000 per month, the collector had ordered, his mother had full authority before marriage. The wife has withdrawn the entire amount of her GPF and got it deposited in her personal account. My niece is getting married and now she is refusing to give me money. Threatening to kill me. I do not complain in the police station that in the year 2020, I had taken my wife here after making a settlement. I was told to give 10 thousand rupees to my wife every month. I want to live with my wife and kids. I want a single joint account, I want that 90 thousand rupees which are lying in her personal account. Now on this matter, Superintendent of Police Amit Sanghi said that he was conducting a public hearing. As always it was very crowded here.

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