Corona attack on doctors stirs these cities from Delhi to Mumbai
Corona attack on doctors stirs these cities from Delhi to Mumbai

Mumbai: 90,928 corona cases have been reported in the country in the last 24 hours. India has reported 56.5% more cases than on Wednesday. What is most shocking is that in this third wave of corona, doctors are also getting infected in the big statistics. Doctors and medical staff have been found to be corona infected in large figures in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Patna, Chandigarh, Lucknow and Patiala. More than 1000 doctors and medical staff have been infected in India so far.

230 resident doctors infected in Mumbai:-
Maharashtra is also the most positive in the third wave of corona. Maharashtra has reported 26,538 cases in the last 24 hours. Mumbai is the most infected city in Maharashtra. In such a situation, doctors are getting infected in mumbai in big statistics. In the last 3 days, 260 resident doctors have been infected in different hospitals. Here, 30 resident doctors were found corona positive at Sion Hospital on Thursday. The same PGI in Chandigarh have also reported cases of doctors' infections in big statistics. So far 146 doctors and medical staff have been found infected. Some of its hospitals have infected 50 doctors. So far 196 doctors have been infected here.

179 doctors-medical staff infected in Ranchi:-
In Jharkhand too, the corona is spreading at a rapid pace. Alam is that rims, the state's largest government hospital, received record corona cases on Wednesday. 179 health workers including doctors and nurses have been found infected here. Samples of 1493 people were tested in RIMS, out of which 245 have reported positive. While 179 doctors and medical staff in RIMS reported positive, 3553 new corona cases have been reported in the state in the last 24 hours.
120 doctors in four hospitals in Delhi hit by corona:-
Big statistics in Delhi have reported doctors being infected with corona. At least 50 doctors have been infected at AIIMS Hospital in Delhi. At the same time, 26 doctors have also been found infected with corona in Safdarganj. Moreover, 45 health care workers have been affected by corona in the last few days at Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in Delhi, including 38 doctors. Meanwhile, about 20 doctors have been hit by corona at Hindu Rao Hospital in Delhi. Meanwhile, 7 doctors have been infected at Loknayak Hospital.

200 doctors infected in Patna:-
Doctors are constantly finding corona infected at NMCH (NMCH) in Patna, Bihar. 59 doctors were found infected here on Tuesday. Earlier on Monday, samples of 133 doctors and medical students were taken here, out of which 72 people were found infected. Earlier on Sunday, 96 doctors and medical students were found infected. Now more than 200 doctors and medical students have been infected at NMCH (NMCH) in Patna.

70 doctors and medical staff infected in Kolkata:-
Similar cases of doctors being infected have been reported in Kolkata as well. About 70 doctors and nurses have been found infected with corona at NRS Hospital here. NRS Hospital is one of the largest government hospitals in Kolkata. In addition, several doctors have also been infected at Chittaranjan Shishu Sadan Hospital and several other hospitals in Kolkata.

25 members of medical staff in Medanta Lucknow infected:-
On the one hand where corona cases in UP are increasing at a rapid pace. On the other hand, infection is also spreading in hospitals. A recent test at Medanta Hospital in Lucknow has found 25 people of medical staff infected. These 25 individuals include a doctor, para-medical staff. The government had on Saturday ordered corona tests of all medanta employees.

100 medical students infected in Patiala:-
100 students have been found infected with corona at Patiala Medical College. All students living in the hostel have since been asked to leave the hostel at the earliest. This has been confirmed by Raj Kumar Verka, cabinet minister in the Punjab government.

2000 doctors killed in second wave:-
Meanwhile, IMA has released data on the deaths of doctors due to the second wave. According to it, nearly 2000 doctors have died during the second wave. IMA says the mortality rate among health workers is high in the frying of mortality rates in the public. According to IMA, about 100,000 doctors were infected in the second wave.

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