Muslim cleric recites verses at parliament building inauguration, know what is the meaning of 'Sureh Rahman'
Muslim cleric recites verses at parliament building inauguration, know what is the meaning of 'Sureh Rahman'

New Delhi: Today India has got a new Parliament. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the new Parliament building. The entire event was followed by an all-religion prayer ceremony. In which people of all religions prayed according to their respective beliefs. Whose name is 'Sureh Rahman'. This sureh has been described as the 'bride' of Quran Pak. (The bride here does not mean the wife, but the adorned).


The Muslim cleric read his verses in Arabic, but we have brought you a Hindi meaning of it. Rahman (Allah) taught the Quran, he created a human being, he taught him to speak. The sun and the moon are moving in the same way and the vines and trees are prostrating. He raised the sky and set up the scales so that you do not overdo the weighing and weigh with judgment, do not lose weight. He laid down the whole earth for creation. It has nuts, dates with gills and roasted grains and fruits are fragrant. Then what kind of blessings of your Lord will you call false? This verse of the Quran further states that Allah created man from the clay ringing like a contract and He created the jinns from the shole of fire. Then you (men and jin) will reject the blessing of your Lord?

The Muslim cleric further said that Allah is the master of both the Mashriks (East) and the Maghribas (West). Then what kind of blessing will you belittle your God? He joined two seas that meet each other. There is a curtain between them that they cannot be out of bounds, then what kind of blessings will you defy your God? Pearls and coral emerge from these two (seas). Then what blessings will you reject from your Lord? The ships standing like mountains in the sea belong to the same Lord. Then what gifts will you reject from your Lord? The verse further states that whoever is on earth is going to be ruined and your guardian (Guardian, Lord, Allah, God) will remain, which is of great glory and prestige, honor and honor. Then what blessings will you deny, your Lord?

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