Capital Delhi's Signature Bridge Will Be Magnificant, Features Will surprise you
Capital Delhi's Signature Bridge Will Be Magnificant, Features Will surprise you

Another Signature Bridge is being constructed in the country's capital Delhi. It is the endeavour of the Public Works Department, which is working on a plan to complete the work as much as possible before the Yamuna is flooded. This bridge is being built between the Inn Kale Khan and the Mayur Vihar Phase One on Yamuna. The same technique is being used in this bridge, which was used in the Signature Bridge. It is also being prevented through wires. It is also known as extra dose in technical language. That means providing additional capacity to the bridge.

For your information, the inn is being built a three-and-a-half kilometre-long elevated corridor from Kale Khan to Mayur Vihar. About 800 metres long is being built above the Yamuna. The department is engaged in completing this task. Six pillars are being built in this bridge. The distance between one pillar to another of this bridge is 134 metres, while the distance between one pillar to another in any bridge in Delhi is not so far. To give it extra strength, it is being built with wires on the lines of the Signature Bridge. 6 pillars are being built in this bridge. Every part of the span from the pillar will be connected through the wires. The height of the pillar is kept at 26 meters. The wires on which the bridge has been blocked have been sourced from Germany. What is important is that the other parts under the Barapula phase three are where three lanes are built. Both parts of this bridge are four-lane. Bicycle tracks and pavements will also be built on it.

In his statement, former Public Department Secretary Sarvasan Srivastava says that the plan of the bridge is excellent. For the first time, the distance between one pillar and the other pillar in a bridge in Delhi is so high. This is also because there are plans to run boats and steamers in Yamuna in future. In view of this, it is being strengthened through wires like a signature bridge. A beautiful bridge will come up when it is constructed. The Signal Free Barapula Elevated Corridor Phase-three scheme connecting East Delhi to South Delhi is under construction. Under Phase Three, a three-and-a-half kilometre elevated corridor is being constructed from Mayur Vihar Phase-I to Sarai Kale Khan. 67 percent of the work has been completed. When it is built, the total length from Mayur Vihar in Barapula to AIIMS will be about 9 kms. Part of it is finding it difficult to get to the ground. If the land had not been hit, the Barapula Phase-THREE scheme would have been dedicated to the public. The foundation stone of the scheme was laid five years ago on September 23, 2014. which was to be completed in three years.

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