Trump Not Briefed On Russia Bounty Intelligence
Trump Not Briefed On Russia Bounty Intelligence

This news is a bit shocking for everyone but the truth. US President Donald Trump is not given all kinds of intelligence from the White House. The information that the White House considers necessary for the President, only that is told to him, the rest of the information is kept hidden.

These things are now coming out from the White House. In fact, on Friday, a story was published in the US website New York Times, in which it was written that Russia had announced a reward from the Taliban for killing the military soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. Russia somehow contacted the Taliban-linked militants and said that if they harm the American soldiers, they will be rewarded in return. No information was given by the US Intelligence Department to President Donald Trump about it.

For your information, let us tell you that when former US Vice President Joe Biden came to know about this, he has blamed President Donald Trump for this. He said that when Trump had been given this information by the Intelligence Department, he should have punished Russia, but he did not do so. All the same, officials briefed on the matter said that the New York Times reported on Friday that a Russian military intelligence unit had secretly paid Taliban-linked militants to target American and coalition troops in Afghanistan, trump Information was given about this.

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