Odisha Train accident: Ganesh came as an angel for the victims of the train accident
Odisha Train accident: Ganesh came as an angel for the victims of the train accident

The country is shocked. There is silence. The eyes are moist. I don't have the courage to see the news. It's not hurting my heart. You can just sit in your mind thinking that after all, many people who were going to travel on that train must be waiting. Their mutilated bodies must be reaching their homes. More than 280 people died in the Odisha train accident. More than 900 people are still fighting for their lives. Meanwhile, everyone's mission is the same. Every life should be saved. There should not be any increase in the death toll. When the train collided and there was screaming everywhere. At that time there was a person who was saving people's lives. He was driving people out as angels. For each and every life, this boy was no less than a God.

Heard a very loud voice: At the time of such a disaster, it is also a pleasure to see 2 pictures. A man named Ganesh was a little near the spot. At first, a loud voice shook his hands and feet. After which he understood that a big accident had happened. When he ran away, for a while he did not understand where to go and whom to help. There was chaos everywhere. There were splashes of blood. There were yearning people. Ganesh entered a compartment without delay and started taking people out. Those who were trapped have somehow been evacuated. In this way, he has saved the lives of 200-300 people. In such a gloomy atmosphere, the two pictures are giving some relief.

On the one hand, those people rushed to the hospital as soon as they heard this news. People are standing in queues to give blood. No one made an appeal, no law was made. But just one thing came out of the heart that it is necessary to save every life. There are queues outside hospitals. People from nearby areas rushed to the rescue site. Army personnel, NDRF, SDRF, state police forces were all engaged in evacuating everyone. Ganesh has said  about this that he has saved people as much as he could. The picture of the accident is so scary that it can not even be imagined. Another train is mounted on top of one train. The bodies have been completely decomposed. It has also become difficult to identify the corpses as such.


Every heart is sitting, every eye is moist: the whole country isstunned. No one knows more than him what the bereaved families must be going through. Those who give comfort will be giving relief, but if a member of the family has passed away, then what can give him relief? Someone should just tell him that this news is false. Just nothing else with it. Today, the country is saluting those like Ganesh who came down as ambassadors at such times. Save people's lives. Otherwise, this figure would have reached above the estimate. Some people came in front of the camera but many people did not come on camera. They are also helping people by being present on the spot since the accident.

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