Python swallowed the goat, panicked villagers said - 'This is Anaconda...'
Python swallowed the goat, panicked villagers said - 'This is Anaconda...'

Shivpuri: A dangerous 20-foot python suddenly swallowed a goat in Kali Pahari village of Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh. The news of the sighting of the python for the first time created an atmosphere of panic in the village. As soon as the news was received, dozens of people including snake friends reached the spot, but by then the goat had died. The news was immediately given to Narwar's famous snake saver Salman Pathan. Pathan immediately reached the village and after one and a half hours of hard work, he caught the dangerous python safely.  

Pathan said that such a big python can easily swallow even a 12-year-old child. The length of this snake was from 19 to 20 feet. The villagers were surprised to see such a big snake for the first time. Surprised, they started saying that anaconda snake has come out in the village. The entire village heaved a sigh of relief when the snake was caught and thanked Pathan from the bottom of his heart.

Recently, a python was also seen in Bijnor district of UP. People were frightened by the sighting of python among the work charge colony population of Kalagarh here. The news spread like fire and the movement of those watching the dragon increased. Seeing the dragon in front, people started making videos of it. This was reported to the Forest Department. On receiving information, a rescue team of the forest department reached the spot. During the rescue, it was found that porcupines had entered the python's body and there were wounds. Which showed that the python may have tried to hunt an animal, in which it was injured.  

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