P Chidambaram gave a big statement about the nature of Indians, says 'We believe in anything'
P Chidambaram gave a big statement about the nature of Indians, says 'We believe in anything'

Senior Congress leader and former Finance Minister P Chidambaram On Friday attacked the government on many matters. Talking about the nature of Indians, P Chidambaram said that I have never seen innocent people like Indians, who immediately accept government claims being made about the implementation of schemes. Addressing a literary event organized in Chennai, he said that if anything gets published in the newspaper, people believe in it. We believe anything.

In his statement, Chidambaram said that the government claimed that electricity has reached all the villages of the country. Toilets have been constructed for 99% of the families. People trusted the government. He said that the same happened in the case of Ayushman Bharat. My driver's father was to have surgery in Delhi, but he could not get benefits under this scheme.

Apart from this, the former finance minister said that I asked the driver that if he has an Ayushman card then he should be taken to the hospital. When he went to the hospital, the people there said that he had no information about any such scheme. is. We also believe that any disease gets treated under this scheme. That too without any expense. This is our innocence. Many news and reported figures are completely opposite from the truth.

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